Frequently Asked Questions

UV Protection and Fading

Are KRAHN products UV-protected?

Yes. Our Poly is UV-protected from the inside out, with high colour-fast UV pigment systems. You will see little to no fade over the entire service life of the product.

Will the colour fade?

Everything fades eventually, but our products are very well UV-protected, with high colour-fast UV pigment systems, designed to keep the colour of your chair and see little-to-no fade for years, even decades.

Is there anything I can do to prolong the colour vibrancy of my product?

There are a few tips and tricks to keep your chair looking new. Covers are available everywhere. Currently we do not offer a cover, as it does not prolong the life of the product. It may keep it cleaner, and help keep its vibrance longer, if used in the sun. Waxes and UV-Protection sprays all help with an extra layer of protection.

Weather and the Elements

I live in the true North. Will the heaps of snow and ice hurt my chair?

No. Winter will not hurt your chair at all. If anything, the snow and ice will naturally clean it, lifting dirt and grime out of the tinniest crevices. Our products are designed to stay outdoors all season, in the harshest environments and storms. Fret not.

I live on the lake, will it blow away?

No. Most our chairs are over 40 or 50 pounds, and have been found to stay put on the end of docks, even in 100 kph winds. They are heavy, and are designed that wind finds it hard to grab them. Aside from special storm warnings, you are safe leaving them where they are.

I live in the sun, will it fade?

You will see little-to-no fade over the service life of your chair. Everything fades eventually, but you should see years, even decades of true colour. Also, see “Is there anything I can do to pro-long the colour vibrancy of my product?”

I live around the campfire, will the sparks hurt the material?

No. High-density Polyethylene has a high tolerance to heat, and sparks will not leave marks, nor will a hot pot.

I live in the Great Lakes Forests, will it rot?

No. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is extremely resilient to the elements. It will not absorb water or moisture; therefore, it will not rot or mold. If it starts looking like it is, it will wipe off.

Availability and Pricing

Where can I purchase KRAHN products?

KRAHN works exclusively through a network of dealers. Use our Where to Buy feature to find a dealer near you. If there are no dealers near you, please contact us directly.

Can I purchase directly?

We are a wholesale company. If there are no dealers near enough to assist you, contact us directly.

Are prices fixed?

Our MSRP is displayed to show the true value of our product, and it is a price point that supports our dealers. You may find dealers have their prices lower than our MSRP, and that’s normal. Prices may vary dealer to dealer, depending on location.

Shipping and Assembly

I live far away, do you ship?

Most of our products, such as chairs and accessories, are designed to be boxed and shipped, with easy and quick assembly. Contact us directly about larger products such as tables for six or more.

Can I purchase the product unassembled in a box?

Most of our products(chairs, acessories, small tables) are available unassembled in a box and can be requested from your dealer. Some of our larger tables are not as ship friendly. Please contact us directly about shipping larger items.

There’s a part or hardware missing from the box.

Please contact us right away via our Contact Us feature or email us at, and we will help you immediately. Be ready with what product you are having issues with, or photos of product.

Where can I find assembly instructions for my product?

If you did not find an assembly instruction sheet in the box, you can find it on the product page on our website. If you are having trouble finding it, feel free to contact us and we can email it to you.

How long is the average wait time for an order, custom or not?

We strive to stay within a 2 week lead time, even on custom-colour orders. This can potentially be quicker, and depending on location and unforeseen circumstances, may take longer.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

What’s the warranty on a KRAHN product?

We offer 10-year warranty on residential use, and 5-year warranty on commercial use products. Please read our complete warranty agreement here.

Does warranty cover a faded or damaged part?

Poly is a recycled plastic, and just like everything, will fade eventually, so some fading is to be expected and will not be covered under warranty. Technology has come a long way, and Poly is much more colour-stable than early-gen poly. You should see little-to-no fade over the service life of the product.

I damaged a part, and would like to purchase a replacement part.

It happens. We will ship a replacement part out to you if it is fixable. Please send us details via our Contact Us page and we will be in contact.

My product came damaged from the dealer.

If you received a damaged product, and in the case you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us, and we will work with you to right the problem.